Graphic MIDI Mapping. One Movement Replaces Multiple Gestures!

Tornado allows you to control multiple parameters of the music studio or plug-in according to individual dependence functions (individual MIDI Maps) by one gesture. Customized for each parameter MIDI Maps are drawn in a special graphic editor. It is much easier and faster than expressing dependence by mathematical function. This versatile tool is especially useful for music studios, which have a simple basic MIDI Mapping.

This video shows how to use Graphic MIDI Mapping for operating a few parameters of digital audio workstation with the help of a single hand movement:

Also Graphic MIDI Mapping allows you to:

-Operate a few parameters of digital audio workstation on different MIDI maps with the help of one knob on MIDI controller or with the help of one gesture of MIDI-Gloves Tornado;

-Change and transmit MIDI messages from one music studio to another one;

-Create automatization in DJ programs easily without having such tools.

Graphic MIDI Mapping tool is integrated into software for MIDI controller Tornado. Global DJ company has created a standalone program for using this instrument together with any other MIDI controller. It can be used by anyone. Refer to the download section.


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