Tornado Gloves A1

  • First Wearable MIDI, DJ, VJ, Vocal, PC, Game Controller
  • with Sensors, Keyboard and LED-visualization,
  • optimized for Creating Music Effects with Gestures for Live Show,
  • Ableton Live, Traktor Pro, Resolume, TouchDesigner.
  • Running drones, spaceships, planes, tanks in computer games.

Dear Artists and Producers!

Tornado Gloves Controller is

created specifically for you!





Create music and DJ with gestures!


Make music-by-motion experience unlike any other!
Be closer to fans, catch their attention and excite them.
So not only you will hear your music — you’ll feel it.
Your music will never feel the same again.
Create effects while dancing!
Crank up the party with hand motions!



Tornado MIDI Gloves

Tornado is a wireless MIDI controller that gives you the possibility to demonstrate incredible musical effects hands-free during live shows.

Touch free:

  • Control effects and synthesizers in DJ’s studios
  • Mix the tracks in a new way
  • Control your parameters of VST and VSTi plug-ins
  • Control light shows in clubs and festivals
  • Control your laptop using the 3D mouse mode
  • Play your video games moving around

Creating music like never before

You will not be tied up to the DJ console: instead of reaching out and turning the fader handle, it will be enough to lift up your hand. Move free around the stage.

Take down the barrier between you, your deck and the party: Tornado is more like a musical instrument, which fits in your hands and can be accessed
at any moment.

AbletonGif Tornado Gloves



Gestures are captured by 3D-sensors: Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Compass. Due to such selection of sensors you get 9D degrees of freedom.

The following is captured:

  • Orientation
  • Tilts, turns
  • Oscillations, waggles
  • Beats, sharp movements
  • Angular motions and speed
  • Acceleration and other motion characteristics

3D-sensors are made on both gloves, that’s why you will be able to create several musical effects simultaneously or to control several parameters of one effect using two hands.

Tornado can be quickly connected to any musical studio, which supports the MIDI interface: Traktor Pro, Ableton Live, Logic Pro, Max/MSP, FL Studio, Deckadance, VST, VSTi etc.

The gloves are made of quality perforated leather.

Technology Tornado A1


Own radio interface: during the show you can easily turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on the laptop and decrease the CPU load.

High reliability: Tornado radio protocol ensures short signal delay. The gloves instantly reconnect to musical studio without user’s participation in case of interference. Tornado operates independently of external Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ZigBee and other ISM radio devices of 2.4 GHz band.

Low power consumption: high-capacity, small-size batteries ensure controller’s continuous operation time of more than 5 hours.


Interference immunity: Operation of the gloves doesn’t depend on the level of hand illumination intensity, light show and projectors intensity, DJ’s clothing colour.

Fast response time and high mobility: Tornado gloves considerably surpass the analogous parameters of the gesture recognition by optical systems – such characteristics of Tornado gloves are beyond the capabilities of the optical systems.



The mobile keyboard is of great importance during live shows, for example, for creating musical loops or turning on effects.

Tornado gloves have a multifunctional keyboard on both palms. Handy buttons are located directly under each finger. The keyboard is meant for quick sending of commands without unnecessary motions and gestures.

You don’t have to turn on an effect using a gesture! An effect can be activated by a button and controlled by a gesture. Besides, you can play the synthesizer directly using gloves’ keyboard.


Up to 30 commands can be sent by pressing only one button.These can be various MIDI messages for digital audio workstation control as well as commands for control of glove operation algorithms.

All buttons can be programmed and connected to certain parameters of musical effects and synthesizers (Mapping).


LED Visualization

The LED lights are activated automatically and respond to every gesture.

The LEDs on both hands act independently. They can be adjusted to various modes of operation.

Besides, LED visualization is an element of decoration.

Application of Tornado

Tornado MIDI Controller is optimized for DJing.



Tornado MIDI gloves ideally fit for creating impressive shows in clubs and festivals:

  • Musical effects becomes visual
  • Easy to work with the DJ mixer
  • LEDs attract attention of the audience
  • Unique design
  • Easy to put on and put off.




Smart controller

High reliability of controller operation is ensured by protection against generation of false command signals and by a “smart” filter, which prevents fluctuations of musical sounds and controls admissible limits of sensor signals.

Regulator automatic return and effect automatic shut-down functions are built in the Tornado software.




A laptop (Windows or Mac OSX) and audio interface are required for gloves operation. Ways of connection:

  • As a digital audio workstation or player
  • As an external effector for the DJ mixer

Presets for DJ, Vocal, MC

Pressets for DJ



No complicated programming!
You don’t have to deal with MIDI mapping – we did our best for you. Operation of the Tornado plug-in is implemented by means of presets. You just have to download the selected preset from our web and everything will be ready for creating musical effects. You will instantaneously start mastering of musical effects. It is very easy!

All effects in the presets are controlled by simple and convenient gestures. On the one hand, those are favourite motions for DJs, on the other hand, they are visually obvious and clear for the people on the dance floor.

Presets for DJs

We developed presets for such popular DJ programs as Ableton Live and Traktor Pro. Presets involve both classical DJ and new effects. Now you can control your favourite effects by means of gestures, mix the tracks in a new way, do scrath, launch samples by means of waves of the hands, synthesize Uplifting and Downlifting effects during live shows.


Presets for Vocalists

Using Tornado you can control your voice, apply effects on it (pitch, delay, echo, reverberation, chorus, etc.) immediately during the show. It is very convenient, ergonomical and natural. The gloves will become your essential instrument bringing in new tints in your vocalism.


Presets for MCs

Club front men use the MIDI gloves in a very eye-catching way. Tornado helps them to entertain the audience, play and interact with it, create positive emotions for people.


Advanced Features

Develop your extraordinary musical effects and control them by MIDI gloves. The Tornado software allows connecting
any effect parameter to the appropriate motion by means of the advanced MIDI Mapping.


Graphic MIDI Mapping and Multicontroller

Tornado allows you to control several effects simultaneously in different trajectories and MIDI maps by one gesture or one hand motion. The trajectory (MIDI map) is drawn by graphic editor, and the multicontroller links the individual MIDI map to every parameter.

More details about MIDI mapping.



VST & Tornado – Unlimited Opportunities

The Tornado MIDI controller can manage all VST plug-ins, which support the MIDI interface. Such potential can be implemented by creating original musical ideas during the live show. It is an exciting process making your performance unique.

Advantages of VST plug-ins compared to hardware-controlled effectors:

  • large number of accessible effects and synthesizers
  • unlimited set of presets for plug-ins
  • flexible adjustment of various effects’ parameters

“Scenario” mode of operation

In this mode the MIDI gloves allow creating complex, dynamically developing musical effects by simple and spectacular way. It is attained by sequence distribution of musical effects into scenarios. These scenarios are easy to memorize and easy to execute.

“Live” track

Besides, using Tornado you can create a unique “Live” track just during the show in the “Scenario” mode. Track sounding and development depends on the DJ’s current emotional state and inspiration. The artist can change the music pattern of the track at any time feeling the audience’s mood.



“3D Mouse” mode of operation

The Tornado controller has additional modes of operation. It can operate as a 3D mouse or a joystick. You can play games moving around the room, and LED visualization will display important game effects.



Light show control in clubs. DMX technology

You can control the light show, which supports the DMX technology, by motions of the Tornado gloves. Bring in a story of your music to the light show. It can be done by means of plug-ins, which transform MIDI signals to DMX signals.




Tornado MIDI gloves ideally fit for creating impressive shows in clubs and festivals:

Tornado Gloves are very effective to use for visual live shows creation. At any moment the VJ can easily manage visual objects and the 3D mapping process. Simultaneously performers get the ability to move around the stage or interact with the audience for the. VJ turns into the wizard, who creates his colorful virtual world with gestures. Tornado Gloves are compatible with such software for VJing, as: Resolume, TouchDesigner, MadMapper, Max MSP and many others. Using this software together with Tornado Gloves performers obtain the ability to control visualization, footages, loops on large screens and projections. It is particularly interesting to use Tornado Gloves with projection domes from Front Pictures, as shown in the following video.

With the help of Tornado gloves you can literally draw your emotions and feelings, shape them in the form of a colorful picture.

Tornado Specification:

  • Quality leather gloves with a zipper – extremely fast to put on/off; smartly ventilated.
  • 3D sensors on both hands. You can control multiple musical parameters simultaneously
  • Hand movements parameters are transformed into MIDI signals with the help of such algorithms: 3D-Controller, Hit/Sampler, Motion Detector, Scratch.
  • 74 different control streams with both hands.
  • Any control stream can be mapped to MIDI CC on 16 different channels.
  • High-resolution 14-bit MIDI support.
  • Integrated virtual MIDI port on Mac OSX and Windows. You can also use any 3rd party MIDI port for send MIDI messages to DAWs.
  • Ethernet MIDI support.
  • MIDI Stream control. Capacity limitation for obsolete devices.
  • Fast and intuitive integration with MIDI-supporting DAWs: Traktor Pro,Ableton Live, Logic Pro, Max/MSP, FL Studio, Deckadance, VST, VSTi и др.
  • Preset bank support. All the adjustments can be easily saved to a file. Presets can be switched remotely in real time, thus the amount of instantly available effects is limitless.
  • Designed Bank presets and file Tornado.tsi (MIDI Mapping) to control the built-in effects in Traktor Pro.
  • Advanced Graphic MIDI-mapping. It lets you control multiple parameters following different MIDI curves (MIDI Maps) with only one hand movement (gesture) simultaneously
  • “Scenario” – is a special mode for the Tornado Gloves, which is dedicated for creating complex and compound musical effects of consecutive scenes.
  • High productivity with low CPU and memory usage.
  • Highly reliable, protected against false activation. Logical filter, which prevents the leaps of musical sounds.
  • 2.4ГГц radio interface. Coexistence with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and ZigBee. Protection against impulse and sustained interferences. Automatically switched to a free or better channel real-time if the interferences do occur.
  • You can control just about anything else just as easily. For example, Tornado can be easily switched in the mouse control mode.
  • Short delay for MIDI messages, 20 ms max.
  • USB interface.
  • Radio frequency range: 2.4 GHz.
  • Radiation power: 1-10 dBm.
  • Integrated antennas.
  • Operating range: up to 10 m.
  • Low power consumption for sensors. The controller’s uninterrupted operation time is approximately 5 hours when using small-size LiPol batteries.
  • Fast charging batteries: 20-30 minutes.
  • High interference immunity and operating reliability.
  • Embedded protection against generation of false MIDI control signals.


  • Tornado Gloves feature a multi-purpose keyboard placed exactly on your palm. This keyboard is crucial for DJs during live performance. You can also use this a keyboard for your synth.
  • LED visualization. It activates automatically when the effects are being manipulated, which attracts the public’s attention. Both hands’ visualizations are independent. Versatile possibilities are created to setup and control visualizations.
  • High response rate and High portability of the tornado MIDI gloves excel the similar characteristics of the optical systems. Actually these characteristics lay far beyond what optical systems can do.
  • The Strobe Lights and Searchlights do not interfere the gloves in a club environment. The Tornado Gloves operation is irrespective of the hand illumination and cloths color.
  • You are detached and can easily move around the scene.
  • Your psychoemotional condition and individual bioelectrical characteristics of your hands do not affect the gloves’ operation. This advantage is not present with the systems, using the bioelectrical signals and muscle impulses of hands to detect gestures.
  • Accurate, simple and comfortable to use!

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