Tornado connection to Traktor Pro

Traktor Pro program settings:
Special configuration file TornadoA1.tsi. was created for connecting MIDI controller Tornado to DJ program Traktor Pro. It comes in set with Tornado plug-in presets for Traktor Pro effects. Presets can be downloaded from the website from section DOWNLOADS. You should add (or import) TornadoA1.tsi file, as shown in the picture.

Next, you need to adjust MIDI port properly. You should select Tornado port in the In-Port option for Mac OS X operating system. Choose 01. Internal MIDI for Windows operating system.


Individual MIDI Mapping:
If you need to adjust control of built-in effects in Traktor Pro for other gestures and movements (for other management MIDI controllers), you need to create new individual MIDI Mapping.

For this just go to the settings menu Controller Manager, add the parameter you want to control (button Add In …), and then click the Learn button. Next you need to send a training signal using the Link button of the corresponding MIDI controller of Tornado plug-in.


In the demonstrative video there are presented 12 standard effects + “Hit” algorithm. However, this is not the limit, effects can be added, changed, combined. There are freedom of action and new perspectives for creativeness. 


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