LED Visualization. Operating Modes.

You can use the LED visualization to attract the public’s attention at a right time. It activates automatically when creating musical effects. LEDs on both hands are independent.

To enable automatic visualization for the corresponding button you can click on the Link button on the Keyboard page in the display settings mode (Visualization option).

Visualization can be adjusted to different operating modes:
Toggle – Each press of the button switches the imaging condition.
Until Key Pressed – visualizaion is enabled only when the button is held down.
Each button can enable visualization of the left and / or right gloves.
For the selected motion control you can choose hint picture in Direction option.


When you click on Start (start of MIDI Gloves Tornado) on the keyboard tab the hint images are shown for control gestures, LED status and name of effects.
First button is ON (effect control is enables) and left hand visualization is ON.


Visualization off.



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