Managing Turnado effects by Tornado gloves.

Turnado VST is a revolutionary multi-effect tool, crafted especially for massive real-time audio manipulation. It combines unique and dynamic effects with the most intuitive and immediate control you can imagine. Just turn it on and crank it up.

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Creating Uplifting effects during Live show

Most of the tracks contain such posh items as Uplifting or Downlifting. These effects can be used for mixing or creating mashups as well. If you create Uplifting using Tornado gloves during a live show, this action turns into a beautiful Live show.

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LED Visualization. Operating Modes.

You can use the LED visualization to attract the public’s attention at a right time. It activates automatically when creating musical effects.

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Graphic MIDI Mapping. One Movement Replaces Multiple Gestures!

Tornado allows you to control multiple parameters of the music studio or plug-in according to individual dependence functions (individual MIDI Maps) by one gesture. Customized for each parameter MIDI Maps are drawn in a special graphic editor.

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Tornado connection to Traktor Pro

Owing to the new progressive MIDI controller Tornado A1 it has become more convenient and visually easier to create fabulous effects. Tornado A1 is easy to integrate with Traktor Pro 2 program and thus, it allows making a bright musical show with hands moving in the air, not touching the equipment.

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Tornado connection to Ableton Live

Connect MIDI-Gloves Tornado to digital audio station Ableton Live. In this program, connection of external MIDI controllers is implemented easy and handy. MIDI controller Tornado is fully compatible with Ableton Live. It allows you to create incredible sound effects during a live performance, and do it vividly and effectively.

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