Tornado – DJ gloves that convert gestures into music

Gloves that allow you to play music effects with gestures during a live show. The invention was called Tornado. Unusual gloves have been successfully used by various DJs from all over the world.

Gloves are wireless MIDI controller with 3D-sensors, keyboard and LED-visualization. Gestures are recognized with the help of 3D-sensors – accelerometer, gyroscope and compass. Thus, to create the musical effects a DJ doesn’t need to touch his devices. He can move freely around the stage and make music with arm movements.


3D-sensors are located on both gloves that allows you to create multiple musical effects at the same time or to control multiple parameters of one effect with both hands. Tornado gloves also contain multi-functional keyboard on the palms, and the keys are located directly below each of the fingers. The main task of the keyboard – fast sending commands without unnecessary movements and gestures.

The possibilities of the gloves are wide enough. They allow user to manage the effects and synthesizers in the DJ software, mix tracks, manage lumiere, etc. In addition, the Tornado can also act as a 3D mouse for laptop. With this gloves you can even play some video games, moving around the room. The work of MIDI controllers is provided by small-size batteries, which last for 5 hours.

Gloves are made of genuine leather, they are ventilated and can be easily attacked and removed thankfully to the zipper. Tornado are available in 4 sized and currently in one color – black. At the moment you can buy them at a discount for $350 instead of conventional price $499 from the official website. The developers from the company Global DJ are planning to release a new version of the device, which will vary by a number of positive innovations. So, stay tuned!

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