Graphic MIDI Mapping. One gesture – Multi MIDI Maps



Graphic MIDI Mapping is a universal DJ tool. It allows you to:

  • Operate a few parameters of digital audio workstation on different MIDI maps with the help of one knob on MIDI controller or with the help of one gesture of MIDI-Gloves Tornado;
  • Change and transmit MIDI messages from one music studio to another one;
  • Create automatization in DJ programs easily without having such tools.



Let’s consider the following example of using Graphic MIDI Mapping for operating a few parameters of digital audio workstation with the help of a single hand movement.


Graphic MIDI Mapping tool is integrated into software for MIDI controller Tornado. Global DJ company has created a standalone program for using this instrument together with any other MIDI controller.



It can be used for free by anyone.


This video shows how to use free utility Graphic MIDI Mapping. You will learn how to operate a few parameters of one effect on different MIDI maps with one knob on a classical MIDI controller as well as create automatization in Traktor Pro.



Download Graphic MIDI Mapping utility
Supports Mac OS X operating system.



Professional MIDI controller Tornado A1



Tornado A1 is a new generation of MIDI controllers which create and visualize musical effects with the help of gestures and hand movements.

  • MEMS – sensory devices: accelerometer and gyroscope.
  • This technology has been developing since 2014.
  • Its personal radio interface of 2.4 GHz is used not depending on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
  • MEMS – sensory devices, transceiver, battery charge controller are integrated into the keyboard on the gloves.
  • Two-color diode for indication and multicolored diode for visualization are used on the keyboard.



Tornado 17 are the first MIDI-gloves of manufacturing production in the world which were optimized for DJ-ing!

Limited edition.


Tornado 17 – is a Wireless 3D MIDI controller that uses the MEMS-technologies to convert parameters of hand movements into MIDI control signals according to flexible algorithms and methods of the Motion Capture theory.

    • MEMS – sensory devices: accelerometers.
    • Technology has been developing since 2009.
    • Advantages over optic systems of gestures identification: Tornado 17 is not sensitive to extraneous light in clubs and during festivals; controller has a wide working range.
    • Its own interface of 868-900MHz is used, that is why controller has a wide working range and insignificant signal delays.
    • MIDI- Gloves work without Wi-Fi and Bluetooth that is why processor resources will be used effectively.